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Cut at 45 Park Lane - The best value steak in London?

When newspaper critics review restaurants I always take their price guide with a pinch of salt. The reviewers, normally eat three courses, rarely order the wines at the cheap end of the scale, and rarely do the cost-benefit analysis many dinners do when they look at a menu. The cost of Cut is pretty expensive according to the papers, at an average of £130 (The Independent + Guardian). On the face of it this makes Cut more expensive than dining at Le Gavroche. So when The Sibling's family birthday dinner at Cut, came out at incredibly good value, it was a bit surprising, in fact I think it might have involved the best value steak in London. 

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Hawksmoor - A place to find happy dead cows

The day before one goes on a beach holiday most peopleattempt to detox a little bit - lose the fat that has built up over the winter,the fat that noone except the person who really loves you needs to see and thefat that a beach full of sunbathers certainly don’t want to see.  Stopdrinking for a couple of days, so you show up to the beach in question, niceand glow-ey, without looking like a government advert for what happens topeople who don’t exercise three times a week or consume their five fruit andveg. Not The Boyfriend and I, no, we decided to hit Hawksmoor, a restaurantwith a menu packed with all the things that make you look ugly. Given TheBoyfriend and I’s incredible lack of willpower this was a mistake. The holidaysnaps from the five following days in Croatia are not quite as pretty as theyshould have been but the two hours were completely worth it.

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