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Corner Room

I really didn't want to like the Corner Room. Why? Because the Corner Room is really far away from Covent Garden, and I mean River Cafe far away. A £20 and 30 minute long cab ride each way and this place becomes expensive and time consuming. To be perfectly honest, had The Boyfriend and I not been heading to the East End anyway we probably never would have gone. This would have been a mistake because the Pork with Portugese Bread and Butter Pudding was so worth the journey. 

Corner Room is situated in the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green; a hotel I didn't know existed until Viajante hit the scene. The Corner Room is another one of those mysterious (read: incredibly irritating) restaurants that have absolutely no information available: no menu, no bookings, no number. This I imagine must be off putting to some people as that hour long £40 cab ride would feel like a big waste if you showed up only to be told the restaurant was full. 

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