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Beit Zaman - A disappointing hotel experience in Petra

On day one of The Boyfriend and I's four day trip to Jordan, we stayed in Wadi Musa, the town that caters to tourists visiting Petra. Our experience at the Beit Zayman Hotel, was possibly one of the most frustrating I've ever had. Frustrating because the hotel had so much potential but fell at almost every hurdle.

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Hotels in Istanbul: The Kempinski, Four Seasons and The W 

Four trips, three hotels, my two cents.

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Dar Sabra (Hotel) - Marrakech


The first time I went to Marrakech, I knew I needed to return soon. Why? Because during our trip I discovered that perfect summer time weather was constantly in Marrakech, and it was only three and a half hours away. Six week later I was back, The Boyfriend in tow with the aim of doing very little except enjoying the sunshine and catching up on some reading.

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Winter Wonderland at the Berkeley

1)  How much would you have to be paid to sit outside in the middle of winter to watch a film?
2) Or would you actually pay for the privilege? 
3) If so, how much would you pay to watch a movie outside in the middle of winter that you've already seen before?
4) How much would you pay if it is Bridget Jones' Diary Two? 
5)  Are we back to question 1?
Well, the good people of The Berkeley Hotel are banking on the fact that you will answer yes to questions 2, 3, 4 and that your price will be £55 a head. Last Sunday The Boyfriend and I said yes, and visited their "Winter Wonderland". 

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