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Pollen Street Social Revisited

It's been a year since I wrote about Pollen Street Social (PSS), and at least six months since my last visit. I was intrigued to see how the restaurant had evolved in that time and weather it managed to sustain the high standard I had the pleasure of experiencing last time. The occasion was The Parent 2's birthday, who had picked PSS over Dinner, on the basis of friends advice who had described it as their favourite in town. She wasn't left disappointed.


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Nobu Berkeley - All style, no substance

I'm not convinced that anyone dining at Nobu Berkeley is there for the food. They are there for the chance to meet a banker, a model, an oligarch, or some very average celebrity. They are there to enjoy some very entertaining people watching, or for an excuse to dress like a high-class call girl without looking out of place. Or to eat food in an atmosphere that perfectly prepares them for a night out.

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Novikov - Another Mayfair Italian

Another week, another Friday night, another Mayfair Italian. This week the restaurant in question was Novikov, the new complex on Berkeley Street housing a bar, an Italian restaurant, and a Pan-Asian. As tacky as the concept seems - two restaurants in one - for some reason it works. Most likely because of the location, on Berkeley Street, which means it gets all the people who can’t get reservations/space at the bar at Nobu. To cut a long story short, within a few short months Novikov has become the place to be. 


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Babbo - London, definitely not New York

How the people behind Babbo got away with taking the name of one of the most famous Italian restaurants in NYC's name, I don't know. All I know is that ever since it opened, its been on my list, just like the one in NYC. Deep in the heart of Mayfair, the crowd is surprisingly un-scene - a mix of business people, and older couples - not a flash of a red sole in sight. As per usual, I was optimistic about Babbo, mainly because of a) the name b) this interview here, in which the chef states his favourite restaurant is La Petite Maison. As we already agree on what a good dining experience is - this was clearly going to be the place for me. Sadly, fate just didn't want me and Babbo to have that special connection. Our experience was one of the most disappointing I've had in a while.

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When people ask me what my favourite Japanese restaurant is - my reaction is always Dinings. This answer is always met with the same response - "Where? What about Zuma? Or Nobu? Or Umu?" Nope, as much as I love all three, there is something nice about the utilitarian approach of Dinings, where one gets the impression, that this place is serious about their food. There is little in the way of atmosphere, and the decor is bland, although service is perfectly acceptable. 

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Winter Wonderland at the Berkeley

1)  How much would you have to be paid to sit outside in the middle of winter to watch a film?
2) Or would you actually pay for the privilege? 
3) If so, how much would you pay to watch a movie outside in the middle of winter that you've already seen before?
4) How much would you pay if it is Bridget Jones' Diary Two? 
5)  Are we back to question 1?
Well, the good people of The Berkeley Hotel are banking on the fact that you will answer yes to questions 2, 3, 4 and that your price will be £55 a head. Last Sunday The Boyfriend and I said yes, and visited their "Winter Wonderland". 

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Automat  -

The Boyfriend and I have a bit of a tradition, its a relatively new tradition tradition but still , of getting a long drawn out boozy lunch on New Year's Eve. Over Bob Bob Ricard, last year's location, we were in search of some other relaxed, moderately priced, cool restaurant.  This year it was Automat an upmarket diner in the heart of Mayfair - a restaurant that has been on my eat list ever since I heard about their Truffle Mac and Cheese and the invite only club downstairs

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Where to eat in St Foy en Tarentaise

 Having visited St Foy every year for the past decade and suddenly realising that there was absolutely no literature about where to eat in this rapidly expanding town - it was time to make the ultimate guide on where to dine. Please note - all prices for dinner are estimates and include significant amounts of alcohol and that bookings in high seasons are a good idea - think a couple of months in advance for La Colonnes or a year in advance for New Years Eve.

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The Balcon - As chic as Chanel?

Thistime last year, The Boyfriend and I headed to Brasserie Roux, as apre-Nutcracker pit stop, and ate a selection of rather uninspiring food intheir grand but empty dining room. This time, we headed back to visit their newversion – The Balcon, as a pre-Nutcracker pit stop and found it to be a verydifferent experience. They've clearly tried to make the place cool - it'sinspired by "Coco Chanel's 1920's Paris apartment". Theyare possibly under the misguided view that if they throw the words "CocoChanel" in a restaurant blurb, the place will automatically become the new"scene" place. Last time I checked Ms. Chanel was known for the2.55, the LBD and tweed suits but not her interior design skills.

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22 Charlotte Street is  an unfortunate address for a sushi restaurant, opposite Roka, the constantly packed and incredibly scene Japanese restaurant. It's a bit like being a normal person forced to stand next to a supermodel in a group picture. In this case the normal person was actually rather good-looking. 

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