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Delaunay- a formula that works

The Wolseley, in my opinion, is a flawless restaurant. I love the nostalgic air the place has, the never-misses-a-beat service, the old school charm, the well executed dishes and the beautiful dining room.  There is something about it that puts me into a PG Wodehouse frame of mind. Amazing, given in fact this is actually a young restaurant. 

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22 Charlotte Street is  an unfortunate address for a sushi restaurant, opposite Roka, the constantly packed and incredibly scene Japanese restaurant. It's a bit like being a normal person forced to stand next to a supermodel in a group picture. In this case the normal person was actually rather good-looking. 

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Dean Street Townhouse - Brunch

I'm on a hunt for my perfect brunch spot. So far I haven't found it. My brunch spots needs to have:
a) Satisfying food, innovative but not too pretentious (Sorry, Helene Darroze)
b) A cute set-up, but not so "scene" I have to make as much effort as I would turning up to Zuma (Goodbye The Wolseley) 
c) No queue (It's just not meant to be, The Breakfast Club) 
d) Proximity to Covent Garden (It is not you, it is me, 202)
e) Brunch served past midday (Why, Nopi? Why?) 
f) Free papers (What were you thinking, Roast) 

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The Ivy


There are two things about The Ivy that make it truly remarkable - sadly, neither of these two things are its culinary abilities. Firstly, it must be the only restaurant in London that was full on packed at 5.30 on a Friday. Its not even like this place has a great Pre-Theatre menu that makes it irresistable, because that's only available Monday to Wednesday. Despite that they are very on the ball about theatre and opera, the man who took my reservation knew which opera I was seeing when I didn't! 

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