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The Balcon - As chic as Chanel?

Thistime last year, The Boyfriend and I headed to Brasserie Roux, as apre-Nutcracker pit stop, and ate a selection of rather uninspiring food intheir grand but empty dining room. This time, we headed back to visit their newversion – The Balcon, as a pre-Nutcracker pit stop and found it to be a verydifferent experience. They've clearly tried to make the place cool - it'sinspired by "Coco Chanel's 1920's Paris apartment". Theyare possibly under the misguided view that if they throw the words "CocoChanel" in a restaurant blurb, the place will automatically become the new"scene" place. Last time I checked Ms. Chanel was known for the2.55, the LBD and tweed suits but not her interior design skills.

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Istanbul (4) - Park Samdan, Reina

Our dinner post Kanaat at Reina was less exciting. Reina is one of those places that it is good to see and be seen. Its in Ortakoy part of an upmarket strip of nightclubs and restaurants near the first bridge. The Boyfriend, his friends and guidebooks all seem to have a similar opinion on Reina – they love to hate it. They hate the occassionaly chavvy and over the top-ness of the place, the pretentiousness , overpriced drinks and service, and the crowds, the mix of gold-diggers, too old businessmen and tourists, and yet people, including The Boyfriend and his friends go there a lot... We visited on both a Monday and a Thursday and on both times the place was packed.

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