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The Best of the Best - from French to Japanese to Italian to Icelandic.

-       La Petite Maison – The World’s Most Perfect Restaurant and the standard to which all others will be judged. Service, food, atmosphere, dining room– all perfect. Simple, fresh food but by no means boring.

-       Dinings – Sushi with foie gras – genius. Food so good it doesn’t matter that you are sitting in a basement that resembles the inside of a nuclear bunker served food by people who don’t seem interested by your presence.

-       Gauthier – Irresistibly romantic and very relaxed. To be honest, you might as well be having dinner in your living room. If your living room was part of a beautiful Georgian townhouse. With a 6 foot tall fireplace and equally tall bouquets of flowers containing a bunch strangers and charming French men who serve you food. Regardless, it’s impossible to not feel right at home. Just don’t go with your boss or anyone you might struggle to hold a two long hour conversation with. The low murmur of conversation is unforgiving if you’ve run out of things to say.

-       Umu – So much more interesting food than the Nobus, Zumas and Rokas etc etc of London. Just grit your teeth when you see the price tag and then un-grit just enough to bite into Foie Gras Custard with Crab or Ice Smoked Salmon. Ahh.

-       Il Baretto –The best Italian food in London. Just try the Macaroni with truffle and I promise you will believe me. The crowd is hip, the food great, restaurant swanky just a pity about the service. The waiters always look confused, always seem to be running and always look a little shocked to find you sitting there. The Italians aren’t known for punctuality or organized-ness but then again, I have yet to find an Italian restaurant in London where the service is up to scratch.

-       Texture - One of the few Michelin stars I actually enjoy, along with Umu. Normally I find the “try-hard” combinations of flavors are just well, trying too hard.  If no one has tried sardines, jam and ketchup together maybe there is a reason. The nicest and most attentive service serving Icelandic (basically, seafood) food of all things. I was sold as soon as I was served bacon-flavored popcorn in the bar and things just get better from there.


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