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My trip to Koffman's was an unusual one for me. Unlike my normal meticulous researching of everywhere I intend to dine, for Koffman's I did nothing and thus showed up with no knowledge of the place, or the Chef whose name it bears. Perhaps this is was because I didn't think it would be particularly interesting, ( fancy hotel, famous chef - standard for London, I'm much more interested in places like Pitt Cue or Dabbous with a bit more personality), or more likely I'm getting lazy. The only reason The Boyfriend and I ended up there on a Monday night was because, six months or so ago at a charity function auction The Boyfriend had bid on a dinner for two.



The restaurant is located in The Berkeley - the five star, beautifully designed hotel located on Knightsbridge. The restaurant is oddly on three levels, with a modern, low key design. We were seated on the highest level, too close to both doors for my liking but still an acceptable place to sit. We started with a drink each and a selection of freshly baked breads.The menu, appeared to be classic French, with a wide selection of food on offer. Starters were around the £12-18 mark, with mains closer to £20-30.


I started with langoustine and scallop in a broth, which I expected to be classically French. Instead to my surprise, the broth had distinctly Asian elements. Coriander and lemongrass were dominant flavours, which took away from the subtle flavours of the seafood.



The Boyfriend's chicken terrine on a bed of lentils also had a surprising non French flare. The lentils tasted almost curried sodding an interesting dimension to the dish, whilst the terrine itself was nothing to write home about.


My main course of pork with crackling, a speciality of the day was a return to what I had expected. The pork, left with a touch of pinkness was tender, whilst the crackling provided a satisfying crunch with every bite. Softly cooked pear accompanied the dish along with a selection of vegetables strewn across the plate, completed the dish. It was a perfectly executed classic dish. The Boyfriend didn't even get the option of trying.


The Boyfriend's braised beef cheeks in red wine looked and tasted like an incredibly comforting dish. The meat didn't require a knife, was rich and delicious. The mashed potatoes provided a nice balance to the dish neutralising the heavy flavour of the beef.

Stuffed we decided to forego dessert. In total the bill came to £110, only £10 of which we needed to pay. It was a lovely evening, and there was nothing worth criticising.

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