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The Wolseley - Timeless


I will happily take any opportunity I can get to go to The Wolseley. As much as I love my neighbourhood version, The Delaunay, its just not quite the same as the original. There's something about the church like ceilngs, the crown like chandelliers and the buzzy atmosphere, thats almost impossible to recreate. The Sibling had never been, so when we were left with spare time and empty stomachs wandering round Mayfair last Saturday, we took the opportunity to hightail it to the Wolseley.
We arrived just before midday, and I assumed it would be a long shot getting a seat, but we were immediately seated in the bar area. This suited us just fine as it left us with a large expanse on which to spread our newspapers. 

We started with a couple of pots of tea, and a couple of complimentary bread sticks, but moved quickly on to real food. Croque Madame- carbs, cheese and protein heaven, presented in the most refined style with a bit of green to assuage some of the guilt. A gruyere omelette for The Sibling, beautifully cooked and presented and an additional green salad for her.

Service, was friendly, we ended up having a nice chat with our waiter. The atmosphere was buzzy, and left us both feeling happy. The damage came to £15 a head for the two pots of tea, two courses a side and service. It still remains a favourite and I still feel theres no where quite like it in the city.

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