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Comptoir Libanais


I ended up at Comptoir Libanais, pre-Selfridges shopping, for which this place is perfectly located. My dining companion being a vegetarian and my current health-kick put MeatLiquor out of the question, which gave us a perfect chance to try the place I had read so much about. I enjoyed the experience but wasn't particularly inspired by it so this post will be fairly concise.

Here is the good part - what I liked:

  • Good value food: a mezze plate for two, that was sufficient for two (smallish!) women was £13.95
  • Pitas that were to die for, served with a satisfying hummus
  • Crunchy falafel
  • Sensible presentation
  • The decor - bright and airy, with some large murels on the war. It's got a happy vibe.
  • It is different from the average Wagamamas/Carluccios/Pizza Express that are dispersed in the area



And here's what I didn't like:

  • The noise level: This is above buzzy into "difficult for conversation" territory
  • The speed: The mezze plate, took around 30 minutes to show up and our whole lunch took well over an hour
  • The service: It wasn't particularly friendly, a smile or a "how is everything? can I get you anything? ", would have been appreciated

It is a good option to stop at if you're shopping around Selfridges, assuming you want something healthier than MeatLiquor. It won't cost you a fortune, but the food won't blow you away either. Next time I'm around that area I will most likely stop by. 




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