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Pizza Pilgrims - Two men, One Van

I don't have much to say about Pizza Pilgrims other than its brilliant. Two men, one van containing a pizza oven, well-researched, high quality ingredients, central location and reasonable pricing. Oh yeah, and the pizzas pretty damn good too. What's not to love?

The Scientist and I decided to check it out one Thursday, spurred on by excellent early reviews, and an unusually sunny day. After a brisk jog around Soho in search of a cash point, we returned to wait ten or so minutes whilst our pizza was baked. 

The pizza, Nduja and Broccoli (£6), was worth the jogging, the waiting, and the walk to Golden Square where we ate. The crust, was crisp and thin, the tomato was flavourful without being heavily acidic, so good I didn't mind the relatively small amounts of cheese. The Nduja added a nice bit of heat, without permanently damage my taste buds. It was however, on the greasy side. Each bite came with a spurt of lurid orange oil, and by the end of the pizza The Scientist and I looked as though we had each brutally murdered a person with Fanta for  blood.

Pizza Pilgrims is at Berwick Street Market, Monday - Friday, no credit cards and pizzas around £5.

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