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Nobu Berkeley - All style, no substance

I'm not convinced that anyone dining at Nobu Berkeley is there for the food. They are there for the chance to meet a banker, a model, an oligarch, or some very average celebrity. They are there to enjoy some very entertaining people watching, or for an excuse to dress like a high-class call girl without looking out of place. Or to eat food in an atmosphere that perfectly prepares them for a night out.

The Boyfriend and I were there for the last reason, and to mix things up from our normally Friday night place, Roka.  We started with Edamame, and a Shiitake Mushroom Salad. The Salad, expertly dressed, if rather uninteresting. Sushi was disappointing. Salmon with avocado was nothing special. Spicy Tuna roll was poorly constructed.

Chilean Seabass was equally poor. The fish was well cooked but thats the only positive I have so say about the fish. There was an over powering taste of ginger and that was it .

Duck breast with ponzu was much worse, the only taste was of high levels of acidity and wasabi. One bite had me sneezing. Any flavour the duck might have had was completely over powered. A wasted dish.

Not completely satisfied we finished with a rice pudding, which was quite possibly the high point of the meal and yet still not particularly memorable. Walnuts, that had lost any of their natural flavour after an unnecessary caramelising. 

The whole meal had one theme, lack of balance. There was as much subtlety in the flavours of each dish as in the accessories of the clientele. Still it is a good place to start a night out, if you have no problem spending money on what is very average food. The bill came to around £115 for the food and one glass of wine.

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