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When people ask me what my favourite Japanese restaurant is - my reaction is always Dinings. This answer is always met with the same response - "Where? What about Zuma? Or Nobu? Or Umu?" Nope, as much as I love all three, there is something nice about the utilitarian approach of Dinings, where one gets the impression, that this place is serious about their food. There is little in the way of atmosphere, and the decor is bland, although service is perfectly acceptable. 

It took one item on the Dinings menu to convert me to their cause -  Japanese tacos, obviously not called that on the menu. Ladies and gentlemen, aren't they beautiful? The toppings are melt in your mouth soft,  with a great balance of flavours and the crunch of the "taco" provides a necessary second texture.

Seabass, truffle and ponzu jelly. Just fabulous - silky soft fish, acidic ponzu and earthen truffle.

Grilled crab with avocado, was the only real let down of the meal. It lacked flavour, and the continuous soft texture meant it was really quite boring. 

Tuna rolls were well balanced - beautiful fresh tuna, with spicy sauce. Lobster tempura roll (which I failed to take a picture of), was strange to say the least. The tempura-ed lobster wasn't actually in the sushi, but next to it, making it irritating to eat and adding nothing to the actual taste. More sushi arrived. Foie gras with eel, was soon to become my favourite maki roll ever. The lightly grilled foie gras, that had become soft, melted perfectly into the sweetness of the eel. This was sushi heaven. Wagyu sushi, with foie gras, was good but nothing I'd have to run back for. I'm not entirely convinced beef has a place in sushi and this confirmed my thoughts, in this case it was too chewy to work correctly with the rice.

Grilled aubergine, was as perfect as the ones served at either Nizuni or Roka. Sweet without being sickly and soft.
Never one to say no to a poached pear The Boyfriend and I, ordered dessert. Like almost everything else we had eaten it was perfectly executed. 

When the bill arrived at the end of the meal, The Boyfriend took one look before making the face he normally reserves for my shoe purchases. In fact, it was at least two weeks before he actually told me.  £160, or in other words, a pair of Jimmy Choo's on sale. Impressive, given we didn't order any alcohol, although we did order food for practically four.



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just looking at the pictures makes my mouth to try the seabass, but your description of boring food is so funny.

April 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterhow to cook lamb

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