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Hawksmoor - A place to find happy dead cows


The day before one goes on a beach holiday most peopleattempt to detox a little bit - lose the fat that has built up over the winter,the fat that noone except the person who really loves you needs to see and thefat that a beach full of sunbathers certainly don’t want to see.  Stopdrinking for a couple of days, so you show up to the beach in question, niceand glow-ey, without looking like a government advert for what happens topeople who don’t exercise three times a week or consume their five fruit andveg. Not The Boyfriend and I, no, we decided to hit Hawksmoor, a restaurantwith a menu packed with all the things that make you look ugly. Given TheBoyfriend and I’s incredible lack of willpower this was a mistake. The holidaysnaps from the five following days in Croatia are not quite as pretty as theyshould have been but the two hours were completely worth it.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get to Hawksmoor. Theplace had been loved by bloggers and reviewers for the past ten months and thuswas a place that deserved a visit. Proximity to The Boyfriend’s made it all themore deserving.

I have one issue with the name – Hawksmoor Seven Dials impliesthe restaurant is situated on one of the seven dials, in reality it is  not, it is on Langley Street which is off oneof the seven dials.  Why not call it Hawksmoor Longacre, that’s much moreinformative and realistic. Thanks to the intelligent name The Boyfriend and Ispent 5 minutes trying to find the place, smarter people, or people with correctlyfunctioning iPhones may not face this problem but it was still frustrating. 

On a Saturday at lunch time, the place wasn’t too busy. No starters we skipped to the good stuff.
The Boyfriend’s Lobster Roll withHollendaise was a bit too soft and squidgy, (just like us in those photoes)y, The Boyfriend enjoyed it, however hedid not think it was too special. He thought it was great hangover food, but weweren’t hungover yet – that comes post the lunch.
My Hot Dog – such a nice change to actually find a hotdog on amenu – quality dog, nice bun, perfectly good. Served with kimchee and onion - a nice touch.
Macaroni and Cheese – Lacking on thecheese and on the whole average.
Triple Cooked Fries –  Crunchy and well salted. Enough said.
Sticky Toffee Sundae - pure indulgence. This really pushed the fat over the waistband and Hawksmoor into "love category" 
Peanut Butter Surprise was so loved by The Brunch Buddy and The Sibling that they begged our waiter for the recipe, who actually typed it up for us. The same guy who volunteered to take my phone to the upstairs reception and have someone keep an eye out for calls after he overhead my concerns about the last member of our party's inability to find the palce.
Add in a bottle of wine and this is the meal that makes you deeply unattractive. Deeply unattractive and kind of poor as for TheBoyfriend's and I's share, it hit a staggering £65 a head. It turns out you can put a price on happiness.
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