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I had high hopes for Vinoteca. Its near to my new place of work and I had hoped this would be my "Dear God, I need a drink and some fattening food" place.  Sadly, I don't think this is it. It wasn't that it was bad, it wasn't by any stretch of the imagination, it was just very familiar.

We started with Charcuterie which was satisfying, if a little boring and unattractive.

Next came a selection of cheese with some very dry oat cakes, the dryness could have been intentional, I rarely eat oat cakes so have no way of knowing. Whilst there was nothing wrong with either of the above neither were quite as loveable as some of my favourite charcuterie plates such as Tom's Kitchen or Club Gascon.

The next round of dishes proved much more praiseworthy.

The high point of the meal was the Corn Fritters. Light and greaseless and paired perfectly with a rather mild goats cheese. The sweetness of the corn was accented by the tang of the cheese. I am determined to recreate this at home.

Prawns came last. They, like the cheese and the charcuterie, were average.

All of this plus two glasses of wine came to around £55 in total. Rather expensive for four fairly small dishes. The place was quite buzzing and lively and I genuinely can't fault Vinoteca, but with so many other places to try in the neighbourhood I don't know whether I feel the need to return.



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