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Princi - The Happiest Place on Earth


There is one over riding factor that puts me off visiting a restaurant - a lack of information. Apparently, this is cool at the moment  and seems to be a common  theme with new restaurants, I blame Nuno Mendes and Russel Norman. As a control freak, I hate this. A normal trip to a restaurant is incrediby well researched - I tend to know everything about the place before I show up - I know what I am going to eat, what the place looks like, and roughly how much the experience will cost me.

Princi is one of these restaurants without readily available information and yet, I'd walked past Princi a million times and always wanted to try it. On Saturday I did. once descibed as the Armani of Bread, Princi is slick and modern, and offers a dazzling array of Italian food, in what must be the most upmarket canteen in London.

I went for a slice of pizza along with a glass of white wine and a diet coke. It was easily the best pizza I've had in a really long time. Light, with a perfect cheese-tomato ratio.

It was a delicious  lunch, but an expensive one. The pizza was around the £4 mark, and the glass nearing the £8 mark.



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