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La Cave a Fromage


La Cave a Fromage may not seem like the obvious choice for breakfast,  given it is essentially a glorified cheese shop that serves wine, but what a wonderful brunch I had there last week. Most people can't handle wine and cheese first thing in the morning and by first thing I mean noon, luckily my new brunch buddy could. 

 La Cave a Fromage is a similar concept to La Fromagerie except its significantly more simple. Theres no kitchen as I can tell and you really are limited to cheese, wine and charcuterie and at some point I think Raclette. The interior isn't as perfectutly executed as La Fromagerie, theres no artfully distressed furniture and piles of carrots it does genuinely just feel like a cheese shop. I'm convinced theres no menu .Normally I just ask for a selection of  cheese and a glass of wine which arrives with a large portion of baguette.

The Cheese and meat changes regularly and I don't think I've ever had the same plate twice  but if you really want a certain type of cheese or want to avoid some thing they will happily cater to your wishes. Both the cheese and the meats are always outstandingly high quality and a lot more interesting then you would find on a normal selection.

The portions look small bit they are surprisingly filling and along with four glasses of wine,  satisfied us both. 

The bill came to £22.50, isn't exactly cheap, but almost the same as La Fromagerie. All in all its kind of perfect, relaxing and cosy, a rarity for this neck of the woods.

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