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When I heard Laduree was opening in Covent Garden I almost jumped up and down. It was proof that God does listen to me when I ask for things.  So a Saturday or two after it opened, The Boyfriend and I rolled in to check it out.

There were several things I liked about Laduree:
1) The sunshine and outdoor seating - it is surprisingly hard to find an outdoor breakfast location.
2) Our Pain Au Chocolate - soft, crumbly, perfect. So perfect I didn't mind that I wore the crumbs all day.
3) How the place looks like an illustration of a fairy tale.
4) How the china is perfect pastel colours.
5) How The Boyfriend loved his egg white omelet (9.00)
6) The price. It would be so easy to make this place very expensive, because of the "designer label", and yet the price is comparable to everywhere around it. In total our bill came to around 33.00.
7) The gorgeous virgin apple mojito (8.00).

This is what I did not like:
1) The toast that accompanied our eggs looked like they had just toasted some Hovis white bread and cut off the crusts, and tasted like it too.
2) The fact it took a lot of effort to get milk for my tea (teething problems, I am sure will be corrected in time).
3) How my eggs were oddly sweet. I experienced the same thing at Machiavelli, just down the road maybe its something to do with the eggs.
4) How the tables are tiny! We were struggling to fit all of our food on.
5) The lack of a mirror in the women's toilets.

All in all, a very very good addition to the neighbourhood. Now all we need is Balthazaar and Wolseley II and Covent Garden is set.

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