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The Breakfast Club


The Breakfast Club has been on my “to-eat” list forever - they have four branches, the Soho one not too far away, but always I’ve been put off by the lack of reservations and the threat of the queue. Okay temperature, sunshine, and only a slight hangover made it a feasible option for The Brunch Buddy and I. When we arrived at 11am, the queue outside was already snaking up the street, and we waited about 15 minutes before grabbing a table outside next to the ever growing queue. 


I have to say their menu is one of my favourites and hence The BB and I decided to try four dishes. The one thing their menu is missing is alcohol, but this problem was immediately remedied by their BYOB policy and a corner shop a 30 second walk away. The only downside was the judgement stares from said ever present queue, as we poured vodka into our mocktails.

The All American - pancakes, bacon, potatoes, sausage and eggs, was a personal favourite, whilst The BB devoured the Breakfast Burrito. Avocado with poached egg and bacon on toast helped with the healthiness factor as did the fruit salad. Everything was perfectly executed, and incredibly satisfying. This is the dream post-hangover location, aside from that queue, especially if that night before was particularly expensive - four dishes plus two drinks, came to a incredible mid £20s total.

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