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The Ivy


There are two things about The Ivy that make it truly remarkable - sadly, neither of these two things are its culinary abilities. Firstly, it must be the only restaurant in London that was full on packed at 5.30 on a Friday. Its not even like this place has a great Pre-Theatre menu that makes it irresistable, because that's only available Monday to Wednesday. Despite that they are very on the ball about theatre and opera, the man who took my reservation knew which opera I was seeing when I didn't! 

The second, is that its one of the few places in London, where after making a reservation they ask you to call them to confirm 24 hours before. I think thats a tad arrogant. Despite this, the service was brilliant. Service was seamless, charming and efficient. I left with the impression that every member of staff, knew everything that was happening in the restaurant. 

I didn't take photos, as I feel that its not one of the places that would appreciate me whipping out my camera. But you're not missing out on anything. The food was alright, okay, pretty good, nothing to write home about. Its only been about three weeks and I have no idea what I had without referring to the menu to help me out. The steak tartare I had as my starter reminded me a lot of ketchup, which overpowered the meat flavour, and for a main course, I have no clue - gnocchi, maybe? My dining companion, and opera buddy for the evening, The Parent 1, and I finished the meal with a sticky toffee pudding whch was the only really excellent/memorable thing we ate.

The bill came to £150 ish, for two and a half courses and, five glasses of wine.

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